Cranial Nerves
3rd Edition

cn_3rd edition

The 3rd edition of Cranial Nerves ( continues to present problem-based learning cases and clinical testing in a visual format. The user is guided through pertinent information and color-coded functional drawings of the pathways/modalities from the periphery of the body to the brain (sensory input) and from the brain to the periphery (motor output). Each pathway is described according to the direction of the nerve impulse and not according to the embryologic outgrowth of the nerve.

In this edition, we have significantly updated the chapters in keeping with recent advances in basic science and in clinical medicine. Many of the figures have been enhanced, and many are new, with the goal of visually communicating the route of each cranial nerve.

Under Chapters you will find Jpeg files of each illustration in the textbook, labeled and unlabeled. You are welcome to use these illustrations for teaching purposes only. Please credit the authors.

L. Wilson-Pauwels
P. Stewart
E.J. Akesson
S.D. Spacey